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Support for District Reform Initiatives

District leaders and principals need immediate support to address the issues that face them as we all work together to move 100% of our young people to graduation from high school and a post-secondary plan. The Secondary Reform Partners (SRP) team of secondary school educators work as partners to district leaders to help solve some of the pressing problems that districts face today:

  • Low high school graduation rates
  • School turnaround
  • Overage under-credited youth
  • High 9th grade course failure
  • Overage middle-school students in 7th-8th grade
  • school climate issues
  • High truancy rates

SRP leaders can offer data-driven and research-based solutions to these problems either at the district level or at the level of a specific school. Our goal is to plan, implement and build capacity at both the district and the school level for the strategies that today's school leaders use to address the pressing problems in our schools.

Contact SRP for an introductory meeting with your district team.

Our Initiatives

Academy Restructuring in High Schools
  • 9th Grade Success Academy
  • Twilight Academy
  • School Re-Design
School Partnership and Management
  • Project Development
  • Instructional Coaching and Design
Middle School/K-8 Re-Design
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Twilight Bridge Overage 7th-8th graders
District Secondary Re-Design Consulting
  • District Reorganization
  • Initiatives for Overall Student Success